Music has the power to transport us, something the 19-year old singer-songwriter Grei knows all too well. A New York native, the journey on which Grei’s music takes us is closely informed by the eclectic environments from which she draws inspiration. Through celebrating her first birthday on stage in Tokyo to years spent in smoky jazz clubs across the world, Grei also captures sonic pictures of the sun-soaked beaches of the West Coast, and it is in this unique juxtaposition that she finds her voice. 

The daughter of two professional musicians, there is an inherent authenticity and spark to Grei’s music. She began singing and playing the piano at age 5, and started writing songs and learning guitar in her early teens, which has allowed her art to flow naturally. 

Tying together a broad range of influence – from sultry folk tunes which carry a distinctly Greenwich Village-era melancholy to brightly catchy electronic pop – Grei’s palette is constantly evolving, vivid, and challenging to the norms of conventional popular music.